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Well Dewatering & Abandonment

This is a picture of a well dewatering and abandonment.Eventually the water source you’re tapping into can run dry, you may move your commercial building locations, or the infrastructure of the city may change in a way that allows you to tap into the main water supply.

There can be a number of reasons behind choosing to have a well abandoned and dried out and when looking for effective services that will provide you with complete and safe results for your former well, you can count on the best in local well installation companies.

Safety First

There is a myriad of reasons as to why we simply can’t stop using a well and forgetting about it. The means for animals or individuals to fall in, the breeding ground that standing water provides and a whole host of other possibilities exist.

This is why there are rules in place not only for abandoning a well but how to do so safely and effectively. When turning to your well installation experts for these needs, you can depend on our professionals to bring the required knowledge and capabilities needed to ensure that your well closure follows all set guidelines.


Part of the well abandonment process is ensuring that there is no leftover water within. This means emptying it from the source and sealing it off effectively in order to ensure that ground water won’t begin to collect in the area. R

Relying on the expertise of Bakersfield Well Drilling Contractors professionals will ensure that you have the capability to properly protect the former well from issues that it may raise in the future, which can lead to you facing consequences even long after the well is abandoned. When looking for effective results you can count on, you can trust in the skills of Bakersfield Well Drilling Contractors.


There are various ways in which you can abandon your well after usage, whether through destruction and filling, or capping and sealing, among other possibilities. Bakersfield Well Drilling Contractors has been bringing each and every measure of well abandonment to the city’s various commercial properties, ensuring that you have the access you’re looking for to skilled workforces that know what to provide results.

No matter the property in question or the type of well you previously had in place, you can count on our services to bring you definitive results.

Closure & Marking

The final stages of your well abandonment services come in the form of closure and marking of the property. Ensuring that there are warning signs in place to deter unlucky wanderers is an important step and one that takes minimal time.

Putting your faith in the experts at Bakersfield Well Drilling Contractors to ensure that your well closure goes smoothly, safely and provides you with peace of mind is all in a day’s work for our experts and we look forward to the opportunity to bring you quality. All it takes is a phone call and your former well will be well taken care of.

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